Sky News Correspondent
Special interest in business and social affairs
Video Journalist
Media trainer
PGDip in Broadcast Journalism, Cardiff
BA Hons in English and German

I am an experienced news correspondent with a background in business journalism and investigative reporting. Most recently I produced and wrote a 12 min documentary on the building safety crisis in the UK.
My drive for original and impactful journalism was also demonstrated in my reporting on surgical mesh which contributed to the TVT operation being suspended and put under review. I was the first broadcast journalist to cover this story in 2015 and still continue to monitor developments.
I have also reported extensively on the Grenfell fire and it’s aftermath with exclusive interviews with a firefighter and another in depth report using a unique 3D modelling of the tower.
My ambition and energy has led me to work in various forms of journalism and most recently I returned to radio to host several podcasts on the Ukraine war for Sky News.

After almost 2 decades working in journalism I have developed:
– Strong communication skills and a natural instinct for what constitutes a good story with the ability to tell it in a powerful and creative way
– An ability to report on all kinds of issues with authority, autonomy and compassion. Some of the main stories I have worked on include the Ukraine War, Coronavirus, the London Bridge terror attack, Grenfell Tower fire and the impact of the vote to leave the EU.
• High level of focus on securing and conducting interviews with leading politicians, CEOs, celebrity figures and vulnerable case studies.
• Excellent writing and verbal skills demonstrated in TV reports, live presentations, radio podcasts, social media interviews and online copy.
• Ability to work as a team, to a strict deadline and often under challenging conditions.
• Highly adaptable in being able to work on a wide range of subject areas, from business to crime to health and social issues.
• Ability to consume and process information quickly and summarise key points.

In the months after Brexit I produced an exclusive report  examining the position of foreign workers in the UK. In an interview for the piece, the boss of Deloitte confirmed for the first time that the company would move its business if the government’s stance on immigration was too strong.

This adds to other high profile and news-making interviews with Lady Martha Lane-Fox, Willie Walsh, Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley, CEO of Heathrow John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Ford Mark Fields and the bosses of various supermarkets including John Lewis and Morrisons.

In my years at Sky News I have also presented the Business News, Sports News and World News bulletins.

I started my career in newspapers before joining regional BBC and doing a stint as a newsreader for various commercial radio stations.

I studied English and German at the University of Nottingham and gained a PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University.

Insta: @skycharlottelomas
Twitter: @lomaschar

Podcasts on Ukraine: